Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8, 2011: It's better.

I'm home today, Wednesday since I will be working for Carole on Friday. I get next Wednesday off, too. Actually, it's a whole lot nicer to be at work than at home these days. Maybe I need a full-time job - away from home - like some working moms have.

We're getting into a routine with Jim at home. A nurse's aid, Chris comes every morning at 6 AM and leaves at 9 AM. He gets Jim out of bed, does his bowel program, gives him a shower and sometimes makes his breakfast. He's expensive because he comes to us through an agency. He's a nice guy and has lots of experience. He has a difficult time separating real life and religion. But, he does a good job.

Lupita comes over on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons to take Jim to TIRR's gym to exercise. Jim could join the gym but still isn't a patient there. He can't get on the schedule for OT and PT. The outpatient office has to do their paperwork before he can be registered and then he gets to schedule appointments. It's so stupid - he needs to be doing OT & PT NOW! At least he gets exercise with Lupita.

Lupita brought Claudia over yesterday afternoon to train her. Claudia will be working on Tuesdays & some Thursday afternoons. Claudia doesn't speak much English but she's seems intelligent and willing to work.

Last night Jim had an "accident" in bed. I had to change his linens with him still in bed. Then this morning he did it again. I'll have to take more precautions from now on. It really saddened me because I thought he was past this. Maybe he has a UTI.

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