Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

Things are looking up.  Jim is improving.  He can walk pretty well with his walker.  Last Sunday we went with Jimmy & Lupita to Hunan Hut.  Jim used his walker to go from the car to the restaurant.  He sat on a regular chair using the booster seat that I made him.  Then he used his walker to go back to the car.
He will probably not want to go out with me alone for awhile.  He has just started walking around the house with his walker with only me to assist him. 

I take him to his physical and occupational therapy sessions on Fridays.  It's nice to keep up with what he's working on and see how well he's doing.

I am still shopping for a car.  Yesterday I looked at Subaru.  I really liked the Outback and I want to take Jim with me next time.  He has to test getting in and out of the car.  And we'll test out how much we can load in the back.

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