Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012: booster seat update

I sent my tutorial on making the adult booster seat to the Learned Empowerment Group on the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation website.  The organizer of the group, Rich asked my permission and then posted it on his blog.  I hope it will be helpful to someone.

I really love inventions.  I searched the internet for a lightweight scooter for myself and found one invented by a guy who flies airplanes.  I had to give up some options that heavier scooters  have.  But mine weighs only 35 pounds and is manageable for me to load and unload.  (Travel Scoot)

I looked for a folding cane, not one of those that it is held together by bungee cards.  I found one that folds in half and can be tucked into a tote bag or stowed under a chair. (dapper canes)

I've been searching for something to assist me in loading and unloading Jim's 50 pound wheelchair.  I tried a doggie ramp but it was still difficult to push the folded chair up the ramp.  There are big ramps that I could buy but then I would have to lift a heavy ramp.  Jim doesn't want a special vehicle for wheelchairs.

My best option so far is to carry a transport chair that weighs only 14 pounds.  It doesn't have big wheels so Jim is dependent on me to push him around.

One would think that wheelchair manufacturers would give a bit of thought to the caregivers who have to lift the chairs.  There needs to be another place to grip the chair besides the push handles.  If you grab a wheel your hand gets stuck in the spokes. 

So I end up holding the push handles to lift the chair which is very cumbersome because the weight of the chair is not distributed.

Or I could disassemble the chair and then reassemble it while Jim waits in the hot car.  How would I manage it?  I could sit on the sidewalk in the heat and then try to get back up on my bad knees.

I've seen some of the users putting their own chairs in and out of a vehicle.  It's not easy for them either.

If I come up with something that works, I'll share the info.

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