Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012

Today I brought home my new car - a Subaru Outback.  It's big enough to hold Jim's wheelchair, etc. but not gigantic, like some SUV's.  It has 4 doors and a hatchback, rearview camera, moonroof, puddle lights.  But, surprise, surprise - it's green!  I've never driven a green car before.  (Unless you count Jim's mucus-colored car.)  It's a pleasant color- like grass green.  The interior is light beige leather.

My little orange Mazda was the first car I ever bought.  It was always the cutest car in any parking lot.

I'm sure I'll grow to love my Outback.  Right now I think I'll call her Dino (like the little dinosaur on the Flintstones).   Of course, she has to be decorated, at least a little bit.  I just can't imagine driving a car with no personality.  She wouldn't look right with a tiger tail in her tank.  But I'll come up with something special for her!

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Erwin Calverley said...

You are right about one thing: the Subaru Outback has a large capacity, even though it is just a mid-sized station wagon. I think it is a great choice, especially considering that you need space for Jim’s wheelchair. What I like about it is the rearview camera. It is pretty handy when you need to back up the car and park it in a tight space.