Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20, 2013: Dating

I haven't blogged about my dating experiences.  My friends know all about them.

It's funny when I'm married, I am totally faithful.  My first husband moved out of my bedroom 2 years before I had even filed for divorce.  It was a painful time and I needed my friends' support.  I never even looked at other men.

After the divorce was final I got "boy crazy."  My friend Susin was relieved when I met my second husband so I would quit talking about men.

My second husband got injured and became quadriplegic on 11/21/2010.  In 2012 he wanted to end our marriage to marry his young caregiver. Our divorce was final on 02/12/2013.  So I had another 2 years without a man in my bed.  Again I remained completely faithful.

I joined my first dating site the day my divorce was final.  I figured I had already mourned the loss of my relationship with my husband - first, after his injury and then again after his betrayal.

So, here I am "boy crazy" again.  You'd think I would be too old for this.

I'm not going to blog about my dating.  I have actually done quite well on the dating websites, even though the younger women try to date the older men.  The dates I have had are with men mature enough to know that the younger women are not looking for their companionship.  Those women are after their money.

I do consider my life as pretty much an open book.  But, my dating experiences are private.  Besides, I know my ex-husband reads my blog and he can go get his own thrills.  He is no longer my problem and I wish him no harm.

Also, I have given out my blog address to a couple of the men I have met so they can know more about me.  I respect their privacy.  I keep an unpublished journal for my new experiences.

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