Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22, 2013:

Just now I almost published my blog that is private.  That would have been interesting to a few people!

I was looking at the dating sites and reading men's profiles.  They all purport to wanting friendship that would hopefully grow into an intimate loving relationship.

If that were true for at least half the men, finding a good man would be a lot easier.  Unfortunately the web is full of weirdos and crazies.  I don't mind the weirdos but the crazies scare me.  The guy I spoke to yesterday revealed his nasty temper.  I'm glad I never was alone with him.

I think some of the men have gotten burned out, too.  They rarely visit the dating sites.  (You can tell when somebody last logged on.)

Still, internet dating does really expand the quantity of men that I could meet.  I just need one - someone intelligent with good self esteem who is ready to love and be loved.

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