Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013: Walking - again!

Walking is definitely my favorite form of exercise.  Back in my college days I would walk the loop around the campus of SUNY Albany.  That was back in the olden days before walking and jogging became popular.  I'd be pretty much alone the whole time - no other walkers.  Drivers always wanted to give me a ride - of course, I was pretty cute back then.

I've walked between 1 and 2 miles three times in the last 5 days.  I am ecstatic!  It has been years since I could indulge myself.

First, I had the left knee problem - no cartilage, but I kept walking.  The torn achilles tendon finally did me in.  I had that repaired in 2010 along with a knee replacement.  All I had to do was wait until I healed and I'd be able to walk again.  Then 2 toes on my right foot decided to buckle under - I couldn't wear anything but sandals.

I would have just walked in sandals but then the ex' accident happened in November 2010.  My only walking was up and down the hospital hallways.

Now I'm free- AT LAST!  I had my toes fixed in May 2013.  They are all healed and I bought a pair of walking shoes.

It was raining earlier this morning so I thought I would have to just use my indoor bicycle.  Then I saw on the news that it was in the 70's.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to walk in relatively cool weather (for Houston).

My varicose veins are still acting up but I think the walking will settle them down soon.  Yesterday I spoke to my brother.  He has the same problem.  He had a vascular ultrasound last week, too.  This is old hat to me.  But, John isn't familiar with the vein thing.  Mine started when I was pregnant with my second baby.  Mostly they don't bother me at all - just look ugly.  My brother is a professional golfer.  He exercises all the time.  I guess I'm lucky that my problem isn't worse since I'm female, pleasantly plump and was relatively sedentary for the last few years.


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