Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 5, 2017

Unhappy Anniversary to me.....

In a fair world this would be my 17th wedding anniversary.  The last anniversary I celebrated with my ex-husband was 2012.  That year my ex had already secretly proposed to another woman but still wanted to celebrate our anniversary.

The poor man had suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell in November 2010.  The brain injury wasn't immediately evident.  At the time we were more concerned with his paralysis.

Most likely he continues to think that his brain is just fine.  That is part of the injured's problem.  I wanted to help him but he did not want my help.  So I let him go.

My life continues on.  I'm healing from the bus accident.  I am very angry that  a distracted bus driver has taken away months of the life I had planned on living.  I had looked forward to spending lots of time with my family and exploring Portland.  Instead I am on the other side of town from the kids and feeling trapped in a retirement home.

My anger is a good thing.  It might sound like I'm depressed.  Anger is depression's opposite.  As long as I'm angry about the accident depression can't set in.

I'm looking forward to getting better and starting my life up again.  In the meantime I enjoy conversing with some of the residents in the retirement home.  Everyone has a story to tell and I learn as I listen.

I'm also doing some hand sewing.  My apartment seems so bare without all my dolls and pink poodles.   Right now I'm making little felt kittens.  I want to make some more felt dolls to populate the place, too.

I don't have the energy to set up my sewing machine, table, etc.  That will come as the pain lessens.

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