Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 1, 2017

Last Sunday I decided to skip Rummikub and play trivia with a different group.  Out of the 24 questions I only knew one answer for sure.  It was a multiple choice format.  I made some good guesses based on the choices given.  I got 13 questions correct.  The next highest score was 10.  I won!

Most of the questions were about people and events in the 30's and  40's.  I'm just a youngster here so it was surprise to everyone that I won.

I took a picture of the announcement board.  Woo hoo - I'm famous!

I took a photo in the restaurant here at the retirement home of some of my dining companions.  I didn't ask their permission so I'm not going to post it on this blog.  The photo would reinforce my statement that I'm a youngster here.

I picked up my car from in front of Kevin's house yesterday.  Tomorrow I'm driving back there again to meet with a realtor.  There are 2 houses that I want to look at that are within one mile of his house. I wish they were closer.  I think I should be able to move in a few months as long as  I take things slowly.  I still need the services provided here - the physical therapy, meals, the check-ins (every day I have to check in to prove I'm still alive), the mail service, gym, etc.  I feel safe living here.

This is a nice place to live if you're almost 90.  I want to get out and start my life up again.  I want to be near my family - the very reason I moved to Portland in the first place.

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