Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 30, 2017: PINK!

Last night I gave my Sweetsie a bath and dyed her pink.  The last time I did that was the day before that damned bus hit me.  It makes me happy just to look at her little pink self!

I finally felt good enough to do it.  But, it totally wore me out.  It's aggravating to be so weak.  But, I'm coming along little by little.

The old people here must have never seen a pink poodle.  They are giving her more attention than ever.  She's just so cute that she's irresistible.

There are lots of dogs living here.  Sweetsie is one of the better behaved.  There are several little dogs who go insane when another dog is around.  I can control Sweetsie if I see those dogs coming.

I had dinner delivered to me today.  That was to protect Sweetsie.  She loves going to the dining room because I give her treats to keep her quiet while I eat.  She's already had so many cookies today.  So I ate in my apartment.

I write about Sweetsie so much.  She's my closest friend here.  I would be so lonely without her and my kitty, Stella.

This isolation is the result of the accident.  I should be living near the kids, going places and making friends.

It's supposed to get into the 100's here this week.  Yuck.  I could have stayed in Houston for this kind of weather.  At least it's cool in the mornings and nights.  I usually have to wear a sweat jacket at these times of day.  That's a lot different than Houston.

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