Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 25, 2017

Today I tried leaving Sweetsie alone for a few minutes.  She has to learn to stay alone in the apartment.  I came back and she was scratching on the door.  I'll have to put something on the door to protect it.  Tomorrow I'll try leaving her for a little longer.

I had dinner downstairs today.  I like to eat with somebody.  There was an old dude sitting alone so I sat with him.  He was 87 and had only been here a month like me.  He is in the assisted living section because he said he has pre-senile dementia.  I told him that was good because that meant he didn't have dementia.

He told me all about his wonderful wife of 60 years who died recently.  I guess he must have thought I was coming on to him.  In his senile dreams!  I had a similar experience with another old man.  I'll stay away from the old guys from now on.

The woman in the apartment next to me appears to be about my age.  She usually gets her meals delivered.  I'm too cheap to pay the delivery charge.  Maybe I'll just order my meals and then go down and pick them up.  I'd prefer to make friends here.  But I won't be living here after I get better anyway.

I looked at a cute little house last week.  It's a mile from Kevin's house.  Kevin was too busy to drive by it to check out the neighborhood.  The realtor picked me up and took me over to see it.  I think it's smaller than the apartment I'm in now.  This apartment has 3 good sized closets for storage.  The little house didn't haven't much storage space.

It turned out that the house is right across the street from an elementary school.  I researched the school and found their instructions to parents on how and where to drop and pick up their kids.  It was on the street where the house is.  They even turn the street one-way during these times.

That would drive me crazy.  I'd have to schedule my comings and goings around an elementary school schedule.

I liked the house because it had something rare for Portland - an attached garage.  Many of the older homes have no garages and many have no driveways.  The people just park on the street. Plus they are building so many apartments here with no parking facilities.  The renters are now parking in the neighborhoods along with the other residents.  It's crazy.  The idea must be to force people to take public transportation.  That also assumes that everyone is young and/or healthy enough to walk to metro stops.  I'm scared to cross the street here since buses seem to be exempt from traffic laws.  No way would I walk to a bus stop and risk getting hit by another bus.

I will keep up searching for the right small house or condo.  It has to have at least a driveway but preferably a garage and an outdoor space for the pets.  It has to be one level and on flat ground so that there aren't stairs to climb to get in the front door.  These are difficult requirements in Portland but not impossible. I should be able to drive and can scope out the properties on my own soon.

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