Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4, 2017

My furniture finally arrived yesterday.  What a mess I have on my hands now.  So much to put away.
And then after I get better I will most likely be repacking everything and moving to a permanent home.

Getting hit by a bus is costing me a fortune!  I need the extra assistance that I get at the retirement home.  But, it certainly does not come cheap.

I paid almost $7,000 to move to Portland from Houston.  Yesterday the move across town cost me another $1,000.  I have always tried to live frugally and save for my old age.

I feel like my old age is already here.  After Jim's accident I felt like I aged at least 10 years.  Now with my hip and leg injury I feel like I've added another 10 years.  That would work out okay financially, if I had aged actual years.  But, I could have another 30 years to go.  I can't live this way that long.  Needing care is extremely expensive.

Tomorrow I have a "senior helper," Judy coming in for 4 hours.  She worked out well last Wednesday.  I just can't get all the unpacking and arranging done alone.  My whole right leg starts throbbing and I have to rest it.  I certainly don't want to injure myself so I'm taking it slow.

I've opened every box looking for the parts to put my shelves back together.  No luck!  Maybe Marvel 29 held on to them for me.  Otherwise there goes more money.  I like to keep my stuff organized and that means I need shelves to store clothes, shoes, etc. etc.

Stella is having a wonderful time being the only pet.  She'll be mad because Sweetsie is coming on Thursday and Friday.  If I can handle her okay, she can stay with me.  I have to hire a dog walker since I can't walk very far.  I ordered  a plot of real grass for her.  It is hydroponically grown and comes in a cardboard box.  I'm not sure where I can put it in the apartment.  After 2 weeks you toss it it away and get a new one.  It has good reviews.  I think Sweetsie will use it.  Nothing better than dirtying clean grass.

If I had a patio I could use a fake grass one and clean it outside.  It would be too difficult and dangerous for me to try to clean it in the shower.

I have to go clear off my bed so I can go to sleep.  Oh my bed- what heaven to have it again!  First the nursing home had mattresses that were covered in plastic that bunched up and poked me in the back.  Then the cot I had to borrow here was like sleeping on bare springs.

My mattress is nice and cozy.

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