Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8, 2017

I'm still working on putting my things away in my new apartment.  Everything I try to do exhausts me.  This injury is really kicking my ass.

My body is (hopefully) busily growing back the bone and muscle that the accident took away from me.  Plus, I still have lots of pain.  Standing hurts, sitting hurts, laying down hurts, etc. etc.  My mother used to tell me that pain saps your strength.  She was definitely right.

I've been thinking about my Mom a lot lately.  There are so many residents here that remind me of her.  Plus, I think back to how my Mom took care of me back in the '80's when I had major surgery.  She would be telling me right now "stop trying to do so much and sit down and rest."  Plus she'd tell me to eat properly.

Eating properly is pretty easy here.  Some meals are included in the rent.

Sweetsie is here with me for a trial reunion.  She fits into the basket in my walker.  I put her there when I have to go through a no dogs allowed area.

She is such good company.  I got up and dressed this morning already and took her for a short walk.  She barely made it out the front door and had to pee right on the sidewalk.

I take her on the leash to the elevator.  But when we return upstairs if no one is around I let her loose. She runs down the hall and back to me and runs some more.

I think I will complain to the management about the lack of dog bags here.  I pay pet rent and there are no pet amenities.  There is no place set aside for dogs here and no disposal bags.  Marvel 29 said that my pet rent there went for the disposal bags and emptying the special can.  The disposal bags here are down in front of the apartment complex next door.  It is not associated with Russellville Park.

Yesterday I had the "concierge" drive me to PetSmart.  The "concierge" is a young woman who drives residents around and does errands for them.  Unfortunately her service is not included in the rent.  She waited in the car while I dropped off Sweetsie for her hair cut.

I took Uber on the way back.  I asked the driver to wait and he did.  I tipped him $10 and he said it was rare that he got a tip.  I said I appreciated that he waited for me.  The bill for the trip was over $25.  Maybe I will be able to drive myself the next time Sweetsie needs a hair cut.   It certainly would be the cheaper way to go.  I'll have to take a photo of Sweetsie with her haircut.

I was worried that the trip back to PetSmart would exhaust me so I took a pain pill.  I can easily see how addictive they can be.  When I returned home I had enough energy to clean the apartment some more.  I am only allowing myself an occasional pain pill.  I'm saving them for physical therapy.  I sure wish there was an alternative non-addiction option.  Extra strength Advil takes the sharper edges off the pain but it doesn't give me the ability to do more.

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Cindy Wade Scott said...

Joanne, I know a lot about getting your butt kicked these days, so I relate! But I can tell you are not letting anybody hold you back. I really admire your spirit. I am such am lover so understand how important it is to have your babies with you. I glad you have yours; and yes, make them responsible for your dogs needs. My mom is in an assisted living, so I get it. Keep moving around and getting enough exercise, sounds like you are doing great.
Love, Cindy