Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 9, 2017

I was speaking to the receptionist about my trip to Walmart.  I told her that I forgot to pick up the batteries that I meant to buy.  Another resident overheard me and asked if the batteries were for my hearing aid.  HUH!  I don't have a hearing aid - yet.  I told her they were for my Amazon fire TV remote.  "What's that?"  AARGHH!

I miss being with young people or even people of my own age.  I like older people but it's hard being with them exclusively so much of the time.  When I moved in the average resident age dropped to 85.

Today I went to Kevin's side of town to meet a realtor.  I liked 6 houses that I looked at online.  Three of them already had sales pending - since this morning!  One had lots of steps from the sidewalk to the front door.  One was on a very busy street.  The last one was nice and if it doesn't sell before tomorrow morning I plan on making an offer on it.  It costs more than my house sold for.  It's tiny but on flat land, is one story and has a driveway.  These are big considerations for me.  It is also only a mile from my son's house.

Portland is tough.  So many homes are 2 to 3 stories and have no garages or even driveways.  Here's a photo of typical Portland townhouses.  It would take me all day to climb those stairs to the front door!
Portland-style townhouses
I check for new home listings every day.  The houses sell so fast here.

It's wonderful to be able to see my grandchildren often though.  I'm going back this Saturday for an early birthday party for my grandson.

My physical therapist says that I'm making progress.  I work hard at it and it is paying off.  I still have a long way to go and I'll keep at it.  My goal is to be free of the walker and move to just using a cane.

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