Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Jim and I had a quiet weekend. We watched a movie, fed the birds and visited with some of the other patients.

We watched CBS Sunday morning together. Jim fell asleep about halfway through. I took a nap after the show ended. It's hard to get a good night's sleep at the home so naps just happen.

Jim's physical therapist, Lois is on vacation this week. I hope her stand-in will do as good a job as she did.

The morning nurse, Amy and I ignored each this weekend. It was a lot better than her yelling at me.

I made scrappy flower pins for the nurses and aides. I spread them out on a tray and let them choose. They seemed really happy. Florence didn't wear hers because she didn't want to make Amy angry. I'd give Amy a pin, if she would just be nice for a change.

I have a therapy appointment this morning. I didn't feel like I got much out of our session last week. I'll give her another try today. I might have to try to contact my old therapist, Peggy Landrum. She was much better but she is not on my health insurance plan and is farther from home.

I checked with TIRR's admission department on Friday and they still had not received Dr Wenzel's request for Jim's readmission. I'll call again today. TIRR has more resources and experience to help Jim get better.

I'm hoping that TIRR will get Jim to at least be able to pull himself upright. Then he will be able to transfer to a car and go to outpatient therapy after his discharge.

I am in less pain now that I have accepted Jim's illness. Before I would wake up, look for him and be hit with reality all over again. Each time it felt like the accident happened again and I would have to go through shock once more. I would tell everyone about Jim's accident. I was trying so hard to accept it. Wellbutrin has enabled me to finally move onward in the grieving process.

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