Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011: another step forward!

I got to Sharpview about 1:45 today and Jim was doing PT with a new guy, Clay. They were working on board transfers. I asked Clay how much more PT Jim would need to be able to stand up. He said that Jim had a long way to go yet.

Later, Jim had OT with Holly. He worked on lifting himself up off the chair using the hand bars in the gym. After a few tries Jim was able to almost come to a full standing position with just minimal assist. I was standing in front of him and he gave me a kiss. This is a big milestone for him. Clay saw him and said that maybe he didn't have that much farther to go to stand.

I wanted to take a photo but Kevin, the head PT wouldn't let me because of the hippa law. I'll try again on Friday.

As of yesterday Dr Wenzel had not written the readmission request for Jim. I've emailed her, Liza and Sonia, the social worker. The insurance company wants Jim to get readmitted to TIRR. Since the doctor acts like she works for Aetna, not TIRR, I would think she would hustle and get the request in. I've left phone messages for her, also. Her assistant quit and no one has returned my calls. I'll try again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Good news, Joanne. I'll still praying. Love you.