Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14, 2012: Paper Butterflies

I work in the Anthropology Department at Rice University.  Tomorrow is my supervisor's birthday.  She loves butterflies.  I cut out butterfly shapes from one of our department's old books.  I was able to find some pages with skeletons and hieroglyphics on them. I added some butterflies cut from colored papers.  I cut out the center of a large paper plate and stapled the butterflies around the rim.  It needed MORE so I cut the rim off a smaller paper plate, covered it with butterflies and added it to the top.

The dots on the butterflies are holes punched out of the leftover colored paper.  I wrote "Happy Birthday" on a large butterfly and put it in the center of the wreath.

She hasn't seen it yet because it's on the back of her office door.  I won't be in tomorrow.  Guess I'll have to call her and tell her to check out the back of her door.

I love "found object" art that now seems to be called "upcycling."  I was happy to find a good use for a discarded textbook!

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