Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012: I wanna rock!

Last night I went to visit Mom at Bedford.  I couldn't find my camera again.  I wanted to take a picture of her cropped red hair.  One of the aides gave her a new look.  They said that Mom said yes when they asked her if it was okay before they did it.  But, if Mom doesn't hear or understand a question, she always answers "yes."  I told them from now on make sure she can repeat the question back to them before they act on her yes answers.  Until it grows back in I am calling her "Lucy!"

I took myself out on a movie date after my visit.  I saw "Rock of Ages."  I knew that Jim would have no interest in this movie so it would be a good one to go to alone.  One of these days he might want to go to a movie with me again.

I thought it was going to be a story about rockers.  It was that and more - a musical with 80's music.  There was a love story and dancing, too.  I was at the 5:15 PM show at the Loew's Fountains.  I always like to sit in the back row, preferably in a seat where people won't want to walk across my legs.  So, I got there around 5:10 PM sat down in the last row and no one else came in.

Since there was no one disturb, whenever I felt like it, I just sang along with my favorite songs.  Alec Baldwin and I sang a duet to "I Love Rock and Roll!"  During the 80's I used to participate in a jazzercize type class.  1979 - 1987 were especially good feeling years for me so it was "my" music on Rock of Ages.

At first I felt more alone than usual.  Besides going alone the theater was empty.  Then it actually felt kind of appropriate.  Too bad, they didn't sing "Alone Again, Naturally."  That seems to be the theme song of my life these days.  (Just looked it up - it was released in 1972 - too early for Rock of Ages.)

I recommend this movie to anyone who like 80's music, Tom Cruise, love stories, dancing or any combination thereof.

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