Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27, 2012: Get a free car mirror bra

This site ( will give you a free USA car mirror bra.  This is the first time I heard of a bra for a mirror!  I wish the site had more interesting designs.  They have mostly sport teams themes.

Now I am on the hunt for decor for my new car.  It really needs some personality.  I would like to have a dragon tail swooping around the back end.  I don't want to paint it because I want something that is not permanent.

I'm thinking of renaming my car from "Dino" to "Lizzzy."  I called her Dino originally after the Flintstone's pet dinosaur.  Then I find out that that Dino is purple and my car is green.  So, Lizzzy would fit a lizard, dinosaur or dragon.

What do you think?

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