Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012: waiting cont'd

I tried to write a post using my kindle fire earlier.  It would only allow me to type into the post title block.

Jim's minor surgery was a MAJOR hassle.  (He's home now and okay.)

I left the office at 11:30 AM to pick Jim up at TIRR outpatient where he had physical therapy.   We drove to the West Houston Hospital, Richmond by Kirkwood.  We arrived early - around 12:45.  But, they put Jim right into a day surgery room.  The nurse did the usual stuff - blood pressure, temperature, etc.  She asked me about his meds and when he ate last.  She didn't want to listen.  I had to repeat myself to be sure she understood what I said.  Then she went to do his IV.  She kept saying how wonderful his veins were for doing an IV.  Jim started OW, OW!  Then he said "I'm going to faint."  I stood next to him and sure enough he fainted.  I told the nurse, Blessie that he had fainted.  She didn't believe it at first but then tried to get the anesthesiologist.  Luckily Jim was laying down so he didn't fall.  He came back to and then promptly fainted again.  The anesthesiologist and at least 6 nurses came running in.  I was trying to stay next to Jim so I could tell them if he fainted again.  I guess he must faint weird or the staff were not familiar with people fainting.

Poor Jim got all sweaty.  I had to insist that they change him into a fresh gown.  The surgery was supposed to start at 2:00.  At 2:30 Dr Hananel came in to the room and said he was running late.  I thought he was going to have Jim moved to the OR.  After another 45 - 60 minutes of waiting I went to check at the nurse's station.  The doctor was working on a surgery that was scheduled before Jim's.  Finally at 4 PM they took him to the OR.

I went on a search for lunch.  The cafeteria there closes at 2 PM.  I got a bagel at a little coffee spot in the lobby and browsed in the gift shop.  Then I went up to the waiting area.  I waited until around 6 when a CNA came in to get me.  The doctor never spoke to me.  I asked the nurse to call him.  He was already gone.  I guess he couldn't wait to leave.  I complained to the nurses about how impolite the doctor acted.  So tomorrow I get to call him at his office.  I'll probably only get to leave him a message.  I'll make him listen at the follow up appointment.

When I went into his room Jim was sitting up drinking juice.  He was hurting from a poorly performed transfer from the bed to the table.  His blood pressure was up. Finally we were allowed to leave. Two nurses were trying to help get Jim dressed and into the wheelchair. They did not want to listen to what Jim and I told them to do.  I had to keep standing next to him trying to protect him.

Jim got himself into the car. The nurses forgot to give us bandages to bring home.  At least they did give me some home instructions.

Hopefully, this is the end of this ordeal.  Now Jim just has to heal up.  All this to get a couple of little cysts removed from a sensitive area.

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