Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 2012: Mom as "Lucy"

One of the workers at Bedford Assisted Living asked Mom if she could dye her hair.  She said that Mom said yes.  The problem is that Mom will say yes to any question that she doesn't understand or can't hear.

When I went in to visit her there she was with very short bright red hair.  Mom told me that she didn't know how it happened, that she just woke up like that.  I, of course, thought it was totally hysterical and just started calling her "Lucy" in my best Ricky Ricardo accent.

I told her that it would grow back white soon enough.  I spoke to the staff at Bedford about making sure that she understands the question before they believe her answer.  I had to almost hold one of them down so she would listen to what I was saying.  Something about health care workers - they tend to ignore what you're saying.  I had the same problem in the hospital with Jim.

The more I see her with red hair the better I like it.  It brightens up her face.  I know that she'll be happy when she has pretty white hair again.

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