Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013: Superman!

Yesterday I drove out to the new Palladium theater in Richmond.  I visited Mom first so I drove West Belfort to 99 to the Grand Parkway.  It's unbelievable how populated it is between Houston and Richmond.  Huge homes were all along the way.

I was supposed to get together with a movie-watching meet up group.  The Palladium is so huge that I couldn't find anyone.  It was very crowded so I thought I better go ahead and buy my ticket.  I bought my ticket on one of the machines there.  All the seats are reserved so I chose a seat and paid for the ticket.

I goofed and bought the 1 PM show instead of 1:20.  The manager said that the 1:20 was sold out so I watched the 1:00.  I never did see anyone I know.

The seats in the theater are very comfy.  There's plenty of leg room.  The seats kind of vibrate with the action parts of the movie.

The new Superman is super cute.  I hope this actor does not suffer from the Superman jinx.

The movie was extremely loud.  There was always "dum da dum" music even during the non action scenes.  The action shots were amazing.

After the movie I wandered around the Palladium.  There's a bowling alley, game area, restaurants, gelato and candy stores.  I was hungry but I decided to leave to find a quieter place.

I ended up at an IHOP on 90 in Sugar Land.  IHOP was in a few scenes in the movie.  I hoped Superman would make an appearance while I ate my omelet.  Unfortunately, he was a no show.

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