Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 2013: How to make a wired headband.

Lately I have been wearing scarves in my hair - maybe I'll start a new trend.  Scarves have a tendency to slide off.  So I tried headbands.  They always feel too tight.

In this post I will show you one of my solutions to these problems.

First cut 2 strips of fabric, 32" long by 3.25" wide (approximately).

Trim the ends into a point..

Sew or serge the sides together, forming a tube and leaving a 1" opening in the center.
Turn the tube right side out through the 1" opening.

 Cut a 32" length of wire.   I have found that "garden training" wire works the best.  Find it in the garden section of your hardware store, near the trellises. 

Make a loop in each end of the wire.

                                     Cover the ends of the wire with tape.  I used electrical tape.

Insert wire into the tube, being sure to go all the way to each end.

You can sew the opening closed if desired.  I leave mine open so I can remove the wire and wear the tube as a neck scarf also.

Put on the headband and gently twist the ends to make it fit comfortably on your head.

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