Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 2013: Working on the Laundry Room

My house has a huge laundry room.  It was part of the remodel done before I moved in.  Maybe it was part of the old garage.

It had counter tops made from old doors.  The counters were supported by wood posts on the floor.  There was one old rickety cabinet on the wall.  I added a couple of bookcases for storage.  But other than that it was very cumbersome to store anything.

I had Ian, my "handiest of men" take out the built in counters and cabinet.  I bought easy to assemble shelving units from Lowe's which will take their place.  Plus, I will put my Ikea counter in there under the window.  I hope to be able to use this space for flower arranging and painting crafts.

So far, Ian has floated the walls and primed them.  He removed the old carpet on the floor.  I've picked out some vinyl flooring for the room.

The room has space for an air conditioner.  I told Ian to go pick one up at Home Depot.  It will be easier for him to work in there.

I will post the after photos as soon as it's done.

Ian is a good handy man but he is doing all this work alone so it will take a while.  If anyone needs a recommendation for a handy man, I'll post his contact info after he finishes my laundry room ;)

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