Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 5, 2013: work or a day in the park?

It's wonderful to drive into your work place and feel good.  Once I turn into the Rice campus I am surrounded by trees, lush greenery and pretty architecture.

I parked my car this morning near Cohen House.  As I was walking to Sewall I saw a cute little bunny rabbit.  I tried to take his picture but he hopped away before I could.

That bunny just made my day.  Rice campus is full of squirrels.  They are totally fearless and will steal your food if you're not careful.

I wish the bunnies were more like the squirrels.  I am no fan of squirrels.  But bunnies!  They are just so cute!

Tomorrow I am going to have my camera ready after I park my car.

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