Friday, June 23, 2017

June 23, 2017: What's important now

Tonight is my last night at the "home."  I've made quite a few friends here.  I started a little group that I call the lucidity club.  There's 4 of us who eat meals together.  We have a lot in common: we all have injuries that need rehab and we still have most of our marbles.  We even played cards a few times.  I'll miss seeing them every day.

I decided that I would move from my apartment at Marvel 29.  It's still full of a lot of boxes.  There is only a bathtub, no accessible walk-in shower.  I did put a riser on the toilet but that is not enough for safety.  I'm just not all that steady on my feet yet.  I have progressed to a 4 wheel walker that has a seat, basket and hand brakes.  It's mine to keep.  Since I got it, I haven't used the wheelchair anymore.

I have practiced using a ramp here.  The ramp at Marvel 29 is pretty scary.  It's steep and is close to a busy intersection.  I don't know when I can drive my car again.  That means I would be home bound and alone most of the time.

I decided to break my lease and move to an over 55 independent living community, Russellville Park.  The average age there is about 80.  I'll bring the average down a little bit.  My doctor wrote a letter stating that I needed a safer environment.  Hopefully I can get out of my lease without penalty.

The only 2 bedroom apartment available is a remodeled unit with all the fancy bells and whistles - fireplace, corner location, washer and dryer, etc.  It's a lot more than I'd like to pay but I will be safe there.  There are 4 alarm cords in each unit plus someone checks on you once a day.  The complex has a physical therapist on staff plus a heated pool.

As I get better I will be looking for a permanent home.  I prefer a condo because I do not want to do yard work.  Houses here are tiny and very expensive.  I'm sure that I will love living in a community like Russellville Park.  Unfortunately, it would devour my savings quickly.

Kevin will pick me up tomorrow.  We'll go to Marvel 29.  I have to pick up my important papers and whatever else I can carry.  I need to get Stella kitty into her cat carrier.  She and I will move to Russellville Park.  I don't know when my things will get moved.  I'm going to rent a bed in the new place.  It has air conditioning.  Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 101 degrees in Portland.  My Marvel 29 apartment does not have a/c and neither does Kevin's house.  But Stella and I will sleep comfortably in our rented bed in an empty apartment.

Sweetsie can move in after I improve.  I miss her but I'm not ready to take her outside using my walker.  I'll have to train her to walk on my right side and stay away from the wheels.

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