Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 6 2017

I'm still at the rehab center, Marquis Vermont Hills. It's a pleasant enough place. Yesterday I ate lunch in the dining room.  That was a bit of a downer.  The people who need lots of help are taken there.

They are the stroke victims, those with dementia, etc.  Many need assistance feeding themselves.   They don't interact, each one is self absorbed.  It is scary to think of being like that someday.  It certainly would not be my choice.  But, being here with a broken hip was not my choice either, just crummy luck.

I'm going to suggest that there be some kind of gathering of the more " normal" people.  I think these people tend to stay in their rooms away from those more handicapped.  We could play cards or something.

I went to the back patio in the wheelchair yesterday. It's a large area anchored by big pine trees. No one else was out there.  Today I'm going to bring along crackers and try to entice some birds.

I didn't have pt and ot until late afternoon yesterday. I had been sitting up since 10 am.  By 6 pm I was utterly exhausted.  I had a light dinner and fell asleep.

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