Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 26, 2017: not perfect

I moved into the 55 and over apartment complex this past Saturday.  Kevin and family picked me up from the home and brought me to my new apartment.

I'm paying very high (unspeakably so) rent.  I moved here because I think it is safer than my other apartment.  It is bigger so my walker fits through all the doors.  There are people at the reception desk 24 hours/day.  There are 4 emergency cords in the apartment. Many meals are included.  Once I can move around there are daily activities.  After all the pain I have been in I don't consider living here a luxury.  It's important to be in a safe environment while I am still in a weak condition.  The lease here is month to month.  Once I've recovered I can move closer to Kevin.

I was disappointed when it was 100 degrees outside and my main air conditioner was not working.  I had to stay in one room that did have working a/c.  Today a repair man fixed it and I can go into the other rooms.

There are no support rails around the toilets.  I was told that is because the apartment is for independent living.  It's weird because the average age here is 80 something.  I think that at least one rail around the toilet should be included even for independent octogenarians.  I was so scared using the bathroom during my first night here.  Luckily I had bought a thing with rails that fits around the toilet.  Kevin installed it the next day.  It has really helped.

There is a walk in shower with hand rails.  I don't understand why the shower has rails included but the toilets do not.   The management has loaned me a "stand up" bed.  It is a cot with wheels.  It's very uncomfortable.  But since it is so hard I am able to get out of it fairly easily.  They also loaned me lamps, table and a chair.

There is no microwave oven in the kitchen.  I just purchased one online from Walmart for $35.00.  It would be nice if that at least was standard for the apartment.

I don't have any appetite.  It's probably because I'm in a new place and I'm lonely.  I even miss the nursing home.  I haven't liked the food so far.  It is "Portland" food, for example roasted beets and sweet potato salad.  I think that since I'm sick I want some comfort food.  I just ordered peanut butter and jelly from prime now at Amazon.  It will be delivered tomorrow.

Today I walked with my walker to the elevator and went downstairs.  I crossed over to the other building and spoke to some people.  That cheered me up.  One woman told me that I was lucky that the bus accident happened while I'm still young and can heal fast.  It's weird to be considered young.  That woman is 90.  She's lived here for 12 years and is very happy.

If I take my pain meds, I can move around and that is so important.  No physical therapists have called yet but at least I know walking is important for my recovery.

I hope this post doesn't sound too poopy.  I know things will improve here as I recover.  I think when my furniture is delivered next week I will feel like I have a home again.  I had started feeling comfortable in my first apartment even though I only stayed there for 3 nights.  I had my Sweetsie for company.  Then the nursing home felt like home since I stayed there for a month.  I will probably stay in this apartment for a few months.  Hopefully I will find a permanent place in Portland after that.

Here I have my Stella kitty for company.  She has been starved for affection after living in the apartment alone for a month.  She is very happy in the new place.

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Cindy Wade Scott said...

Joanne, I am glad you are able to mingle with people. With your personality you will have made friends with everything resident by the end of the week. And probably started up several committees (lol). I am so glad you are with your kitty again, for the well being of both of you (I worried for her). I am an animal lover but my weakness is cats.
Please keep us posted on your "adventure" into recovery. I am continually envisioning you in good health, and happy. You are going to get there! You made a good decision by moving, do not doubt your good instincts now,"you" have brought yourself far in this life.
God has you!
Go and enjoy a good lunch and make some new friends. God bless you Joanne!