Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 6 2017: Service animal day

This morning 2 cute miniature horses visited the "home."  I'd never been up close to one before.

I've been using my kindle for blogging but now I'm using my computer for this post so I'm going to add all the photos I have taken so far after the bus hit me.

2017-06-05 on the back patio of the "home"
Eating a macaroon - gift from Ian Lowrie, anthropology grad student
               The food at the home is pretty good.  It seems like it always time for another meal.
Chicken and cranberry salad

Salmon & asparagus dinner

Menu from one day

My scalp was closed up with 10 staples.

Sweetsie came to visit me in the home./ Flower arrangement gift from the anthropology department
strapped onto a gurney for transport

Becoming aware that I'm in a hospital

The detective in charge of the bus accident

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Rosanne M. said...

HI Joanne, Hope you are doing better today. I tried calling you at the rehab home, but no answer. I'll try again.
Your cousin, Rosanne