Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1 2017: where I am now

I'm in the correct city, but definitely not the right place.

It was a beautiful day today - in the 60's and mostly sunny.  I can't walk as far as the patio yet.  Maybe I'll get a wheelchair tomorrow.  But I did have the window open in my room.

I had lots of energy this morning after I recovered from the mandatory suppository episode.  I walked and tried out some wheelchairs.

I had to nap after lunch.  Recuperating is really hard work.  I've been down this road several times already.  My physical and occupational therapists are impressed with my progress.

I'm disgusted with this whole episode in my life.  But, I'll just keep on trucking.  No other acceptable choice.

I'm lucky to be the receiver of this crappy luck and not any of my loved ones.  Even my sweet doggy came out of the bus accident unscathed.

When I had my knee replacement, my loving husband stayed by my side. Later he took care of me at home.  I miss having a partner but at least I experienced one for a few years.

I miss having my mom keeping me company.

Luckily I have 2 devoted sons, a loving daughter in law and 2 sweet grandchildren.


Marilyn Fireman said...

You also have lots of friends in Houston wishing you a speedy recovery

Ann Babbitt said...

You are very fortunate indeed to have survived a run-in with a bus.