Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013-02-12: D Day

Today my petition for divorce has been granted in court.  Now, I have severed my legal ties with my former husband and former best friend, Jim Carpenter.

Jim is now legally AND morally free to propose marriage to Claudia again or anyone else he chooses.

At least this time around my life is not totally new like it was when I divorced my sons' father.  Then I moved out of our big house in West U.  I knew I'd never be able to maintain that house.  I had to find a "normal" job - not sewing and selling things.  I learned my way around computers and software.  I moved into a condo.

For now I'm staying in my home.  I have been repurposing some of the rooms and the interior is being painted a boring cream color.  The walls needed repair and new paint.  So, I decided to paint everything cream to make it more appealing to any future buyers.

My job remains a very positive force in my life.  I've been working in the same department at Rice for 7 years now.  (Time certainly does move faster and faster as I age.)

Jim and I have 2 friends in common.  I intend to keep in contact with them.  Other than Jimmy and Lupita we do not have any shared friendships.

My life will become simpler now - no responsibility to take care of invalids, lots more free time, no compromises to make, no need to cook big meals or clean up after anyone but me.

It seems strange to come home and just do what I want to do.

I still miss my life before 11/24/2010, the day of Jim's accident.  Jim and I used to have lots of fun together.  I already have 2 plus years of mourning that life under my belt.  

Today marks a new chapter in my life and I will move forward.

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