Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2, 2013

Today my bathroom is getting painted and repaired.  Jim's power wheelchair chipped off the paint on the cabinets and knocked a big hole in the door.

I'm moving everything around in the house.  All my sewing stuff is going into one of the bedrooms.  That room got painted 2 weeks ago.

Last weekend Mom's old bedroom and the hall were painted.  That will be my guest room.

Tomorrow Omar (my painter) will do part of my studio.  I'm moving all my non-sewing hobbies and desk into that room.  Maybe I'll be able to keep my stuff better organized by "segregating" it.

By moving all this around I will get my living room back.  If I put the house up for sale, it would look better with a living room instead of a sewing studio.  Right now I don't have much to furnish that room other than a big oriental rug and an armoire.

I'm not making any decisions about moving for a while.  That would be too much change too soon.  I had to paint the interior anyway so I decided to make the house more sell-able.

The good thing about owning a house is I can keep my 3 cats and I can enjoy the backyard birds at my all my bird feeders.  And I wouldn't have to move!

The bad thing is it's too big and there's so much work involved in home ownership.

I'm writing this during one of my "rest periods."  Now I have to go back to moving fabrics and assembling bookcases.

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