Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 24, 2013

I'm listening to Barbra Streisand singing "The Way We Were."  It now brings tears to my eyes.  I have lots of good memories of the last 15 years of my life.  Lately I've spent more time on the good ones than the bad ones.

I don't know which is worse.  Both kinds of memories make me cry.  I guess I just have to wait it out and let time erase some of the pain.

My abdomen is still very painful from the surgery to remove the lapband.  Unbelievably so.  I've had had several abdominal surgeries.  This is the worst pain.  I feel like a knife is twisting in my stomach.  Time will dull this pain, too.

The painting is finished in my house!  Now I can put things where they belong and leave them there.  Maybe I'll even hang up some of my pictures.  I'll be staying here for a least several months if not permanently.

My sewing machine and lots of my equipment are still in the car.  I returned from the ASG retreat at around 2:30 today.  I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy for a few more weeks.  Andy has said he will come over tomorrow and unload the car for me.  He has been very helpful.

I sure am glad that I'm not getting my toe operated on tomorrow.  I still have a giant bruise on my arm from the the IV.  I don't need another needle stuck in my arm right now or more pain.

Today is the beginning of spring break so work should be less intense this week.

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