Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15, 2013

Yesterday I had my yucky lap band removed.  It has been making me sick since it was installed in 2006.

The surgeon had to make 5-6 incisions to get it out of me.  So, today I really hurt.  Though not as bad yesterday.

I had to beg for pain medicine after recovery.  They gave me a shot that knocked me out for a couple of hours.  When I woke up all the pain boomeranged right back again.

I had to keep calling for assistance in the hospital.  The last time nobody bothered to come in at all.  I think the nursing staff was having a Valentine party.  I thought I would have received better treatment at University General Hospital.

I was left alone to get to the bathroom, find my clothes and dress myself.  I had to remind the nurse that I would need a prescription for pain medicine.

Then Lupita came and took over.  She GOT IT DONE.  She got them to call in a prescription, found a wheelchair and got me out of there.  You just have to have an advocate when you're in the hospital.    I think I'd still be stuck in that room while the staff partied if it hadn't been for Lupita.

Lupita drove us straight to Walgreens to get my medicine.  The prescription didn't match the instructions that I was given.  The girl at the drive through wouldn't call the pharmacist over to talk to us.  Lupita had to go inside and get the pharmacist to call the doctor.

I think all the pain and hassle will be worth it.  The lap band seems to be a big scam to me.  I was told that it would reduce my appetite to help me lose weight.  It just made me sick and I was still hungry.  I wasn't able to eat healthy food, like eggs, chicken, fish unless I smothered them in mayo or butter.

Plus, I developed erosion in my esophagus and stomach lining and had to be treated for reflux and an ulcer.  I finally got sick enough that my insurance will cover the surgery

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