Monday, November 19, 2012

November 13, 2012

This morning I left for Tokyo.  Sandra arrived at 6:30 AM to drive me to IAH to make my 10:40 AM flight.  I had 2 big suitcases - one was just presents for Kevin, Tomoko and Kenny.  The other had all my stuff.  Lupita helped me last night to be sure the bags were no more than 50 pounds each.

The check in agent didn't make any mention of my big bags, just put them right on through.  She advised me to get someone to push me in a wheelchair.  I was there so early that I just wanted to walk.  Then I saw the security lines.  I went to the wheelchair section.  The attendant got me right away.  He pushed me all the way to the front of the security line.  They helped me with all my carry on stuff.

I had to go through some kind of new (to me) screening gizmo and put my hands over my head.  I was waiting to see something and the guy had to tell me it was over.  When I got out I could see a little diagram of a body - with the left knee highlighted.  That was kind of cute - it was my left knee replacement.

The attendant pushed me down to the food court.  He offered to wait for me.  He was very sweet but I wanted to walk around.

United listed the flight as just serving lunch so I bought a snack to bring on board.

I got to board early since I was an old decrepit person using a cane.  I sat in the first row after first class in the bulkhead.  The extra leg room was nice.  I made sure that I got up several times to walk down to the potties.

It turns out that I didn't have to worry about bringing a snack.  First we got pretzels, then lunch, a warm snack around dinner time and a breakfast when we got near Japan.  It wasn't exciting food but it was better than trying to pack your own.  I am glad that I brought 2 big bottles of water with me since they don:t give you much to drink.

I watched 3 movies on board.  It was great for me since I've only seen 3 movies in the last two years.  First I watched "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer" then "Men in Black 3" and finally "Total Recall." I also watched  a TV show made in Japan:  "Cool Japan."  The format was strange - first they spoke in English, then switched to Japanese.  It was all about how the Japanese love taking baths.

We arrived (after 14 hours in the air).  An attendant was waiting for me with a wheelchair holding a sign with my name on it.  Pretty special, aren't I?  She whizzed me right to Immigration, then to baggage claim and then through Customs.  She was very concerned that someone was picking me up.

And there was Kevin!  He looked so handsome.  We said goodbye to the attendant, bowed, thanked her.  Kevin said no tipping in Japan.  We went to catch the fast train to Tokyo.

It took about an hour into Tokyo.  Kevin was pulling my 2 big bags.  We had to board another train to go to Oji Station and then we took a taxi to Kevin's Japanese mansion.  (I'll post photos of it soon.)

Tomoko was already home with Kenny, who is the most adorable baby in the world.  He doesn't give poor Tomoko much peace, though.  He insists on lots and lots of nursing.  Kevin reads him books in English so Tomoko can cook dinner.  Kevin does the kitchen clean-up.

Then I went to bed.  The 3 of them sleep together in the tatami room on futons.  So, they let me use their bed.  I slept and slept.......

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