Friday, November 23, 2012

November 20, 2012

I took the bus to Akebane station all by myself.  I caught the bus down the block from the condo - bus #25.  It was nice today - no crowds - I got a seat.  I took the bus to the final stop.  I'd been there before with Kevin and Tomoko.  But, it looked a lot different to me today.

I remembered passing by a Walmart before so I walked until I reached it.  I peeked inside the door and it didn't look at all like our Walmarts.  I decided I would go in later.  I went down a little street that was totally covered by an awning.  I stopped at a hat store.  The owner could not have been over 4 feet tall. She didn't seem to understand any English.  But, somehow I found and purchased a cute little hat.

I passed a stationary store.  In the window was one card for $12.00 so I didn't go in.  Then I came upon Daiso store.  It had a Christmas display with lots of pink trees - my kind of store.
I found all kinds of cute items and then saw an escalator going up.  So, on to the next floor - more cute stuff.  There were loads of pink items - kitchen utensils, plates, mugs, bags, flowers, etc. etc.
Then I went up another escalator.  Here there was craft type items, Japanese souvenirs, bento boxes.  All I had was a little hand basket so I picked up a pink backpack and started loading that up, too.

I couldn't carry anymore so I did not go up to the next floor.  I had to walk down the stairs (no down escalators) with all my stuff.  When I got back to the first floor I saw there was a basement level also.

I will have to go back again.  This time I will start on the highest floor and work down.  I guess I should bring my rolling carry on bag.  Everything in Japan is just so darned cute!

The bus to return home was in a different location.  I found it easily and returned to the condo.

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