Monday, November 26, 2012

November 21, 2012: Disneyland!

We left early for Disneyland this morning, around 8:30.  With all the bus and train transfers we arrived a bit after 10 AM.  The last train ride was nice and uncrowded.
I could see Skytree out the window.  It's in the center of this photo

Now that Kenny is walking, it's more difficult to take him on the train. 

 Kevin and Tomoko take turns entertaining him.
The train lets you off close to the park.
Disneyland was all decorated for Christmas.

Here is Kevin walking up to Cinderella's castle.

Kenny is posing with Tomoko and her Mom.  He loved Dumbo. 

I bought the Cheshire Cat hat and mittens (paws).  Kevin is wearing the Big Bad Wolf.
 We went on the Pirates of the Carribean ride.  It was a lot different than the last time I rode this in Florida (over 20 odd years ago).  The characters were made to look like the actors in the movie.  Jack Sparrow looked really cute.

We went to the Bears' Jamboree show.  It was just like I remembered it - except the bears were singing in Japanese.

The parades were spectacular.  The costumes reminded me of Cirque d'Soleil.

Kenny slept on the train ride home.  He was the only one with any energy left when we got back home.

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