Monday, November 26, 2012

November 23, 2012: Thanksgiving

Friday, the 25th is Japan's Thanksgiving day.  I helped Tomoko with the turkey.  She didn't know that the neck, liver, etc. were stuck in the turkey's cavity.  It grossed her out.

Kevin and Tomoko made the dinner themselves.  My role was only advisory.

 They just have a small oven so the turkey took a long time to cook.

 In the meanwhile we went on an excursion to a part of Tokyo that is old style Japan.  The streets were narrow and had traditional type decorations on the buildings.  Some of the stores opened right onto the street.  It was a great place for a shop-a-holic tourist.
 Kevin led us to a kimono shop where he had bought fabric gifts for me in the past.  There were loads of beautiful fabrics and trim.  I found a used haori jacket.  Haori are traditionally worn over kimonos.  This jacket actually fit me!  It's made from light coral wool fabric and only cost about $20.00.
Then we returned home to have our Thanksgiving dinner.  Kenny liked eating the turkey leg.

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