Monday, November 19, 2012

November 17, 2012

Saturday and time for shopping!

Kevin got up at 7 AM and ran for an hour.  He got home and we had breakfast, etc.  After we all were ready we took the bus to Oji station.  The bus driver kept stopping and letting more and more people on.  Luckily, we got on early so I had a seat.  There was barely any space between people.  Kenny was in his stroller.  Kevin and Tomoko were so cute singing to Kenny to keep him happy.

At Oji station we got on a train to go to Tokyo.  We got off at the newly remodeled Tokyo station.  There were lots of people there to check it out and take photos.

It was raining heavily when we arrived in the Marunouchi section of Tokyo.  We went into the Marunouchi Building.  The lower floors had stores and restaurants.  The upper floors were offices.

The kids were hungry.  Kevin needs to eat lot because he's a runner, Tomoko has to keep refueling from all the nursing and Kenny is a growing boy.  We went to a restaurant where they had been very often.  There was a 30 minute wait.  The waitress was very happy to see them again.

Pork dish

Pasta with seafood

Pumpkin soup and bread

I ordered pumpkin soup with gnocchi.  Kevin had pork loin with a tasty sauce.  Tomoko had pasta with seafood.  And we had some yummy bread.  Everything was so good.

Kenny had a little bit of everybody's lunch.  He loves to suck up noodles.

Outside there was an exhibition by a Korean artist.  There was a giant flying pig, an opening and closing lotus flower and colorful towers made from glassware and plastic cups.

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