Friday, November 23, 2012

November 20, 2012 evening

Tomoko's Mom came into Tokyo from Osaka this evening.  Tomoko and I met her at the bus and the three of us went to the daycare center to pick up Kenny.

The daycare center is in another apartment complex.  The workers are all young girls wearing these cute aprons.  When you enter the first thing you do is remove your shoes.  Kenny was in the group of one-year olds.  Kenny is the biggest baby there.  There are little tables and chairs, little sinks and little cubbyholes for their stuff.  Down the hall is a large bathroom with itty bitty toilets and urinals.  The babies start toilet training after they turn 2.

Kenny really enjoys his daycare.  They play games, eat snacks, take naps and learn skills such as removing their socks by themselves.

The next day the five of us are going to Tokyo Disneyland!!

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