Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011: Family Rounds

We had our first family rounds with Dr Berliner. Sonia scheduled it for 8:15 so I could get to the office by 9. The nurse, Anna and our new social worker didn't come. I've never met the social worker. She's on the 6th floor and access is limited because of Gabrielle Gifford.

Dr Berliner talked about the botox injections that he gave Jim. Jim is already seeing some decrease in the stiffness of his fingers.

Erin, the OT is going to work on teaching Jim how to cath himself and do his own bowel program.

Jessica, the PT will work with getting Jim in and out of a car.

They've given us a release date of May 25th. Of course, that is not long enough. But, nothing I can do about it.

They were impressed that Jim practiced with his manual wheelchair over the weekend. Weekends at TIRR are very boring. Jim might get one hour of group exercise on Saturday and that's it until Monday. So, at least he can practice on his wheelchair by himself.

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