Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

Jim walked across the pool using a walker today! It was really difficult for him but he did it.

Unfortunately, they canceled his pool therapy for the rest of the week. Jim has been the only patient in the pool for the last few days. They need to have at least 3 patients in order to keep the pool open. I told Dr Berliner about it. I hope he can do something to have the therapy continued. Jim has made the most progress with pool therapy.

Dr Berliner told us that he will try to get Jim another couple of weeks at TIRR but then he will have to go home. We will need all kinds of equipment for him at home. The therapists will be working with us on that.

He will probably continue his PT & OT as an outpatient at the TIRR center at Kirby Glen when he is discharged. The problem will be getting him and out of the car. Lupita will have to do the transfers. I'm not strong enough.

Dr Berliner has been great. He is really helping Jim and is keeping my stress level down. He doesn't just talk about the insurance company. He actually seems to care about Jim. I wish we had him as the doctor during Jim's first stay at TIRR.

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