Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011: final family rounds

Jim is scheduled to be discharged this Thursday, June 2nd. He still needs to learn to turn himself in bed. Plus, I'm trying to get the ramps for our doorways. His bed still hasn't been approved by the insurance company. But, I bet he still gets the boot on Thursday anyway.

I got him in and out of bed yesterday and I have a sore lower back to prove it. I guess a sore back will be the new normal for me.

Today Jim will be getting his last round of therapy. Tomorrow they will just be evaluating him - no exercise. I asked the doctor if he could at least have pool therapy. He didn't really give me an answer. I asked if we could have some of Jim's meds to take home. They said no - only the prescriptions. Some of these meds are hard to find. You'd think they could at least give me the prescriptions before his discharge date so we could be ready.

I called the outpatient place at Kirby Glen. There's a waiting list for pool therapy and Jim's orders haven't been sent over yet. So he can't even get on the waiting list.
I'll have to chase down Dr Berliner and get him to do that asap.

In the meantime, Little Stella provides me with lots of entertainment and challenges. She doesn't care for the bottle much anymore. She likes some at nighttime. Last night she followed the boys up to the top shelf of the cat tree. She cried for me to help her down. I hope she will be okay while I'm at work. She is full of energy and wants to play whenever she is awake. Even Piglet was playing with her a little bit this morning. She was under my dresser and Piglet was trying to reach her with his paws. Maybe Piglet will lose a little weight with this extra exercise.

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