Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011: #2 family rounds

I got to TIRR at 7:45 AM today. First, I stopped at the cafeteria for breakfast to go. I won't have any time for lunch today. Rounds started at 8:15. (I got to the office by 8:45.)

Jim and I decided that Jim will go home after this stint at TIRR. Otherwise, he'd have less time at TIRR and then return to the nursing home. He is really progressing at TIRR so we want him to have as much time as possible. Right now he is supposed to be released on June 1st. That just isn't enough time.

When he comes home we will have to have handicap equipment all over the place. We have to get a hospital bed, transfer boards, ramps, bath bench, bedside commode, maybe a hoyer lift. I guess it's a good thing I didn't try to sell the house and move to an apartment (yet).

I worry about him returning home and being overwhelmed with caring for him. I guess I'll deal with whatever happens.

People are shocked when I tell them Jim became quadriplegic after fainting in the bathroom. They find it unbelievable. I do, too. It is such a freak accident. I keep waiting to wake up and return to my normal life. I guess we'll get a new "normal." But I will always grieve for the life we no longer have.

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