Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4, 2011: Jim moved to 5th floor.

The pictures are of Super Dude (aka J.D). He was one of Jim's techs during his first stay at TIRR. He was so good at his job that Jim named him Super Dude. JD enjoyed the nickname. I told him that he needed a cape. He said he wanted a mask. I made this red mask and put the initials SD on it. He seemed like he really liked it.

Jim had family rounds with Dr Wenzel today. I didn't take time off to go. This is his last session with her. He is now Dr Berliner's patient. Jim feels more comfortable with him. I hope Dr Berliner will actually work for Jim. Dr Wenzel was always talking about the insurance company. She gave Jim a hard bed during his first stay. He was in lots of pain. She wouldn't change his bed.

When we saw her on 4/5 I told her that Jim will need an air bed when he returns to TIRR. She said that sometimes the insurance company won't approve an air bed.

Jim went back into the hospital, got another hard bed and his pain started again. His nurse found him an air bed and his pain is gone again. Now, why wouldn't the doctor order him a comfortable bed?

Jim was moved to the fifth floor yesterday. The fifth floor is for spinal cord patients. He is now in 509A. The A beds are next to the door - no window and less space. On the plus side, he gets to have some of his former techs and nurses - including Super Dude.

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