Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011

Jim has moved again. He got a bed by the window. He's in 506B now. I think he must be through moving around now. I had asked the staff to be on the lookout for a window side bed and they came through

Tomorrow I have to bring extra yarn and needles with me. 2 of the ladies on the floor want me to teach them how to knit. I'm also going to make all of Jim's nurses, techs and therapists scrappy flower pins.

I went to visit Jim after work today. I got there in time to see 3 of Jim's doctors gathered around his bed. Tomorrow he's scheduled to get botox treatments in his left hand, lats, and right & left pecs. Botox is supposed to help decrease the tone in these muscles. Hopefully, it will work.

Dr Berliner wants to start Jim on the treadmill. The patient is put into a harness and put on the treadmill. Techs then move his legs for him so that his muscles can figure out what to do.

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