Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hallelujah! The holidays are over.

I've always loved the winter holidays, especially the most important day of the year - December 28th (my birthday)! The holidays have just been incredibly difficult this year with Jim so sick.

It was wonderful to see Kevin and Tomoko. I had so many plans of things to do and places to go with them. I wanted to show Tomoko my favorite places in Houston. Instead they got to visit the hospital. They were so supportive of me and Jim. Jim just loved when they would come to visit him. They would stay for quite a while and talk with us. Thanks Kevin and Tomoko! You make a wonderful couple.

Unfortunately my older son and his girlfriend have not come to see Jim. I'm not sure why. Jim was always good to Andy. It wouldn't take much of his time to come to the hospital - he lives about a mile away from TIRR. I wrote an apology to Nina but I'm not sure if she read it. I can't force anyone to forgive me. But, their behavior has really injured me. So, I guess, if the point was to get even with me, it has worked really well. I am very hurt but I am ready and willing to forget and forgive the past and go forward.

Jim is getting better slowly. Tomorrow I have to go back to work. I hope to visit another nursing home tomorrow afternoon. I'm trying to find the best place for him to get more rehab and good nursing care. I miss having him home but he needs so much care. If he stays at a nursing facility, he will receive on site rehab. It just won't be as intensive as the rehab at TIRR.

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