Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30, 2011

Poor Jim is not feeling well today. He has an infection at his catheter site. Mabel, his nurse yesterday, said she was going to call his doctor. But I don't think that she ever did it. Today the nurse, Ushe, called the doctor. They'll do a culture on the pus and a urinalysis tonight. I think he should start antibiotics today but they won't give it to him until the test comes back tomorrow.

Last night the nurse, Rosa, did a poor job with his bowel program. So, he has problems today. I tried to help with the bowel program but I fell asleep. Tonight I'm bringing an alarm clock so I will get up to do it with the nurse. Maybe he will have a better nurse tonight.

At night there is only one nurse and 2 assistants for 23 patients. That's just not enough! I guess I'll just have to spend every weekend with him or hire someone. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the nurses did a good job.

Yesterday he was sitting in the wheelchair for a couple of hours. He just doesn't have enough natural cushion (butt fat) to sit upright for long. It's hard to do exercises with him when he is in bed. When he sits up, I put a tray on his lap so he practice with a pegboard, clay, etc.

Again, when Jim feels bad, I feel horrible. He needs so much assistance. I get physically exhausted and it's very difficult emotionally, also. All I can do is to keep on trying and hope life will get easier again some day.

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