Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011: WHY?!

I don't get to see much TV anymore. But, I did see a bit of news on Haiti's recovery from the earthquake that struck there one year ago this month. The photos from last year and this year were so pitiful.

One young Haitian boy was shown lying in a pile of rubble screaming "WHY, WHY?" repeatedly. That "WHY" keeps echoing through my mind.

I am not able to make up a story for myself to explain the why that caused Jim's accident. Yesterday one of the paraplegics on the bus to Target said that his accident was God's way of slowing him down. I'm sure that thought gives him some peace. But, it's just that - his thought.

There may be a "why" for what happens in our lives. I'm personally not willing to construct an answer for myself. I know that this goes against what many religious people think. They tell themselves that it's God's will. That may be the answer but it gives me no solace. It does not repair the lives of the tragic victims in Haiti or mine.

I think that the "why" is unknowable. It happened and it really sucks. We have to deal the hand we are dealt. Crafting a story to give our lives meaning is just that - a story.


Anonymous said...

Even if you had a Why it wouldn't change anything. There is no good Why as to why the people in Haiti suffer or the people were killed in Tuscon. All we can do is help each other through the tough times. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you and Jim.
Phyllis F from the Sewing Guild.

Joanne said...

Yesterday at functional group everyone but Jim made up a story as to why they were injured. It all boiled down to God's will. That's okay if makes them feel better. But, Jim said it just happened and it sucked. The other patients told him he wouldn't get better because he had a negative attitude. That was an unkind thing to say to Jim.

Having an idea that is different from the group does not mean you have a negative attitude. I guess these people thought they were being religious. It's sad when people think that"religion"gives them the right to be mean.

Dee said...

Yes, I think that was very hateful. Jim could make up a story, just as theirs were made up. The point is they are all made up. We make things up and make those things real for ourselves. I think we do that all our lives and it's such a habit we don't even realize it. I'm sorry they were so insensitive and unkind. Not to mention ignorant. God's will indeed! How ridiculous, but oh how common that fairy tale is.