Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19, 2011

Last night Jim was pretty down when I left him. We spoke to Dr Wenzel and tried to get her to let Jim stay at TIRR longer. HR told me that it is up to the doctor not the insurance company how long he can remain an inpatient. She seems resolute on dismissing him tomorrow.

I told him that we have to set new goals at the family rounds this morning. The new goals I suggested aren't all that inspiring. I said that he should learn to do his own board transfers, cath himself and do his own bowel program. He, of course, wants to start walking. That is just too far down the road of recovery.

Maybe moving to the skilled nursing facility won't be all that bad. I like the pt guy there. Maybe Jim will get lots of attention. We fear that he won't get as much rehab as he needs and that he will not get as good nursing care there. But, he will get more privacy and I can spend the night with him. Maybe he'll make friends and not be bored there all day long. At TIRR he is kept very busy during the day and then he is ready to rest at night.

I worked all day yesterday and then went to the hospital. I left Jim at 8 PM and went to the grocery store. Mom called me and wanted me to buy dog food. I bought lots of groceries as long as I was in the store. By the time I got home I was totally exhausted. I was so tired but I didn't sleep all that well.

It's almost 8 AM. I need to get to the hospital very soon. I think he is getting evaluated this morning.

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